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💛 An amazing taste of popcorn 💛

This Matcha is inspired by the famous Japanese tea Genmaicha, which is drunk as an infusion. Genmai is the name given to the roasted rice grains that compose it. During the roasting process of rice, some grains burst, just like popcorn, which gives this very original taste.

For this Matcha, Matcha Botanicals have chosen two special varieties of brown rice: Mochigome and Uruchigome, because they release the most aroma without the burnt side.


Blend: Yabukita, Mochigome and Uruchigome. Green tea directly from Matcha Botanical's own plantations in Japan "more than ORGANIC". Handcrafted in their workshop in Kyoto 💛

    Rice Popcorn Matcha, 40 g

    • • Traditional Matcha tea (with water) 
      • Popcorn Matcha Latte hot or on ice
      • Pastry

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